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Early 1900

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RARE Early 1900s Turn Of The Century Carved Walnut Cupboard Cabinet 93H X 64W, Antique American Wood China Cabinet Early 1900's, Early 1900's Chuck Wagon, Hanging Cupboard & Fold Out Work Table, Old Paint , Early 1900's Oak China Cabinet C.M. Bott Furniture Co, ANTIQUE METAL DOCUMENT 3 DRAWER FILE BOX , EARLY 1900'S RING PULLS SPRING CLIPS, RARE Early 1900s Arts & And Crafts Inlay Inlaid Cabinet Cupboard Heart Motif , Antique Vintage Mahogany Rotating Record Cabinet, Early 1900s Bud's Music House, ANTIQUE YAWMAN ERBE 3 DRAWER OAK FILE LIBRARY CABINET BUREAU EARLY 1900'S, Vintage Antique early 1900's French China Cabinet, Elegant French Empire Antique Vitrine Circa early 1900's Burled Walnut, Ormolu, STEPBACK CHINA CABINET FROM LATE 1800s TO EARLY 1900s VERY ATTRACTIVE, ANTIQUE 17.25 EARLY 1900's Oak Wood Shaving Mirror, Towel Bar & Comb Case, Early 1900's Antique Fruitwood Hutch, Early 1900's Solid Tiger Oak Oversized Corner Cupboard with Painted Interior, ANTIQUE CHINA CABINET from the early1900 quarter sawn oak claw foot curved glass, ANTIQUE EARLY 1900S PENNSYLVANIA APOTHECARY CABINET CUPBOARD PRIMITIVE vafo, Wilson Hoosier Cabinet Early 1900's $975 OBO, Antique Hamilton Furniture Early 1900s Cupboard , ANTIQUE BEVELED MIRROR CHINA CABNET SIDEBOARD ALL ORIGINAL EARLY 1900s, ANTIQUE PRIMITIVE PINE MEDICINE CABINET. EARLY 1900 REFINISHED W TOWEL BAR, EARLY 1900S NICE OLD ANTIQUE VINTAGE CORNER CABINET WOOD HUTCH MAHOGANY VERYNICE, Early 1900's Oak Card File Cabinet, Early 1900s Antique Bakery Display Case, Antique China Cabinet Highboy Walnut Hutch Bookcase Art Deco Early 1900's Curio, Antique Early 1900's Tiger Oak Ornate Fireplace Mantel with Mirror Mantle, Early 1900's Quartersawn Oak Drop Front Secretary Hutch DR11 , Antique Mahogany Inlaid China Closet Circa Early 1900, Antique Leaded Glass Cabinet Doors Early 1900's wavy hand blown glass, RARE Late 1800s Early 1900s Medical Doctor Dentist Dental Cabinet Cupboard , Hoosier style cabinet Early 1900's $975, Early1900's Oak Bakers Rack Signed National Biscuit Co., REDUCED Antique Mahogany Hutch – Early 1900s, ANTIQUE from early1900s WOOD CRATE 36 IN. WIDE X 21 IN. LONG VG Condition, vintage early 1900s Mission Arts Crafts Stand Oak Cabinet End Table Night Stand, Antique china cabinet breakfront solid mahogany early 1900s brooklyn , Pair Antique Early 1900s Doctor Barber Cabinets Charlottesville Virginia, Antique Pine Dutch Dry Sink Beautiful Late 1800's Early 1900's, Early 1900's Wood & Marble BAR Back Cabinet 9 Feet Tall by 10 feet wide by 20 , VINTAGE WOOD DISPLAY CASE ANTIQUE 8 FT. BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED EARLY 1900'S , Rare ANTQ LIBRARY BUREAU SOLEMAKERS 3 Drawer Oak File Filing Cabinet early 1900s, EARLY 1900's ANTIQUE CHINA CABINET, Antique China Cabinet With Curved Glass Door Late 1800's to Early 1900's, Antique Wooden Cabinet China Cabinet Armoire Hutch Late 1800s to Early 1900s, Antique Oak Side by Side Ca: Early 1900's, Antique Oak Hoosier Cabinet, Kitchen Cabinet, Great Condition, Early 1900's



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