Cabinets & Cupboards Furniture

Oak Bow Front

Already gone

  • Antique Oak Bowfront Vitrine with Curved Glass by Ebert
  • Tiger Oak Bow Front China Display Cabinet Original Mirrored Back Glass shelves
  • Antique Fine Oak Bow Barrel Front Corner Cupboard Display Cabinet on Stand c1800
  • Beautiful Tiger Oak Bow Front Corner China Cabinet Display Cabinet circa1900
  • Antique 1890s Empire Tiger Oak Victorian Bow Front China Display Curio Cabinet
  • Paw Feet w Key c1890
  • Gorgeous Bow Front Tiger Oak Display Cabinet with Claw Feet
  • Antq Quarter Sawn Oak Bow Front Lion Head Claw Foot CHINA CABINET Restored curio
  • Glass Bow Front Cabinet 4 Shelves Scroll Feet
  • Master Carved Antique Tiger Oak Bowfront China Curio Display Cabinet Lion Heads
  • Antique Oak Bowfront China Cabinet



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